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Beannacht is the Celtic word for 'blessing'.

My creative work is a blessing to me as it provides endless possibilities for exploring the beauty in the world - experimenting with a wealth of the world's materials and applying new techniques to unfold their beauty.

Beannacht is also the title of my favourite poem by John O'Donohue and reflects my own Celtic roots.

In my creative pallettes, I put together colour and texture in unexpected ways that result in artistic creations which are on the boundary of art and practicality. They may emerge as knitted garments, as felt or appliqued fabric wallhangings, sometimes a cushion or a dramatic handbag.

As I delve into the creative process, I allow the materials to guide me in how they want to be arranged so as to express their beauty fully.

All of my artworks are unique and involve extensive layering, intricate detail, love for both the process and materials involved and ultimately each piece is a one-off. In the process of producing the artworks, there are times when I'm not sure of the direction to follow; when this happens, I allow the materials to guide me, so the finished artworks often incorporate something of a free spirit.

I work on both large and small scale canvasses, undertaking individual commissions to produce artworks that express both the natural beauty of the materials as well as the personal lifestyle expression of each commissioner.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the gallery - if you click on specific parts of an image you can usually see some details. Some of the pieces shown are for sale, and I also undertake commissions.

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